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Garden Chair

We are Different 

Specializes not only on basic installation but demo, proper sub floor preparation, moisture testing/mitigation,

self leveling and sister joist system for both concrete & wood sub floor


1 stop shop = materials + preparation + installation 

Highest quality driven > Price driven 

100% of business by referral based


Most consistent, reliable and detailed reviews on with highest rating 

Educating clients through 1 : 1 complementary showroom consultation to reveal the industry's standard on job site inspection, proper preparation requirements before discussing about actual installation 

Disclose "worst case scenarios" based on actual site condition to prevent any surprises on up-charges

and hidden cost where most of competitors offering price over the phone

Detailed, broken down written estimate & contract to prevent clients for worst case & court casing 


No subcontracting = 100% Full time crews


As a licensed contractor, we carry highest responsibility and professionalism when it comes to our installation service. 

We do not like to be called as "typical contractor" by offering initial low price by offering cheapest materials and basic installation which I consider "unrealistic number" and misleading clients.  


Keep in mind that your final finish is only good as proper preparation and honoring our industry's standard on installation.


If you are pursuing for highest quality, honesty, longevity and maximum re-sale value of property,  

then please start with our 1 : 1 complimentary showroom consultation as we will get the job done RIGHT the first time!



Jeffrey Cha      

CEO & 1 : 1 Consultant      

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